Bloc pré-usiné compatible Straumann® BLX


Bloc pré-usiné compatible avec Straumann® Bone Level BLX

The connection to the implant is one of the most important geometries in implant prosthetics and will allow for optimal biomechanical strength and longevity for the implant treatment. DESS® proven connection quality on currently 20 different implant platforms maintains the original system biomechanical integrity and assures a safe treatment outcome. The new Pre-milled Blank system allows for in-house customized milling of abutments and at the same time maintaining the DESS® quality and precision of the connection and screw seating.
The Pre-milled Blanks are made from Titanium Grade 5 ELI and the exclusive Micro Melt Cobalt-Chrome. This CrCo alloy has several advantages compared to others available on the market.
No internal tension preserving the designed shape and makes less risk for ceramic cracks

  • The alloy is easier to mill and will preserve your tools.
  • Exact thermal expansion coefficient facilitates the ceramic process.

The Pre-milled Blank and Holder system is designed to save both time and cost in the laboratory. The holder provides a quick “screw-on” feature where the blanks are attached to the sub-holder outside the machine and placed in the main holder that remains in the machine. Cleaner and faster. The individual blanks are attached to the holder using a “pull down and lock” system that is time-saving and will assure maximum precision and stability during the milling process.

 Features and benefits:

Pre-milled blanks made from Titanium Grade 5 ELI and Micro Melt CrCo.

  • Total millable length of 20 mm
  • Titanium blank ø 10 mm and ø 14 mm and CrCo ø 14 mm
  • Gingival transition only 0,3 mm to maximize the design freedom
  • “Pull down and lock” attachment to holder is quick and stable
  • DESS® well known implant connection quality and precision.
  • Holder system for Imes-Icore®, VHF®, ZirconZahn®, Yenadent® and any machine with standard 98mm holders.
  • Quick “screw-on” holder system that will speed up the changing of blanks and process time.
  • DESS® Pre-milled abutments are included in the software from Hyperdent and WorkNC.
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Bloc pré-usiné compatible Straumann® Bone Level BLX

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RB, WB largeur 5,7


CoCr, Ti


10mm, 14mm